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AWS Account Creation in Minutes with JSM Cloud

Our DevOps Experts will show you in our live demo with our customer BSH how to create an AWS account with Jira Service Management, the approval process, asset management, and more.  

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What will you learn?

  • Set up AWS Infrastructure in minutes with JSM Cloud & Developer Self Service

  • Follow our seamless account creation process in Jira Service Management Cloud
  • Experience the power of approvals for a streamlined workflow
  • Explore the extensive account catalog in Asset Management, your centralized hub for cloud resources
  • Harnessing AWS & Jira Service Management Cloud for cost efficiency, speed, security, and compliance with our developer self-service
  • What is container8 how it will reduce your cognitive load.

Learn from our DevOps experts

Curious about the time it takes for account provisioning using an automated self-service? We'll demonstrate the high speed, security, and efficiency of our process.

IT-Leaders, Cloud Experts & Product Owners

Be amazed by our IaC pipelines, showcasing the standardization and automation capabilities of GitHub Actions. And finally, experience the versatility of our solution as we showcase templates for different applications, proving that our solution can be easily extended and adapted to meet all your unique requirements. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to gain invaluable insights based on our customer case "ALICE at B/S/H"  into the world of  AWS Cloud, JSM Cloud and Container8.

Marcin guz-bsh-webinar

Special Guest

Marcin Guz | Atlassian Platform Product Owner | BSH


Discover the insights shared by Marcin Guz, Atlassian Platform Product Owner at BSH, about the successful ALICE project. Utilizing ALICE's autoscaling templates, BSH achieves flawless functionality by dynamically adjusting AWS infrastructure in real-time to respond to demand and load. This empowers the infrastructure to effortlessly handle any level of traffic or demand, ensuring an exceptional user experience without performance issues.