AI - Self Service Webinar

Use ChatGPT without compromising Security, Compliance or Privacy

Do you know where ChatGPT stores your data and inputs? Are you ready to use AI without risking your data? Join our webinar and learn how to embrace AI with confidence.

Date: May 28th
Time: 11:00 CET 
Duration: 60 minutes

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What will you learn?

  • How to utilize AI tools like ChatGPT without the hassle of governance, security, and compliance worries.
  • How to effectively track your expenses.
  • How to integrate a personalized AI service with Microsoft Azure and OpenAI.
  • How to empower your teams to swiftly create their own tailored GPT models through a user-friendly Self-Service platform like Container8.

Learn from our DevOps experts

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Operation Teams, IT-Architects & Technical Decision Makers

The webinar provides solutions for integrating Azure OpenAI services, addressing governance, cost management, and security concerns. You will gain insights into effective strategies, optimization techniques, and security measures to secure AI models and data. Additionally, it offers guidance on seamless integration, addressing skill gaps and empowering professionals to leverage Azure OpenAI services successfully.

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